DigiNovo for Customer Sales

Sell more by creating a phygital experience for your website leads via real-time video.


Real-time Video Platform

Connect with your clients via HD uncompressed video and audio, and chat in a customizable interface that reflects your brand identity.

Campaign Link Generator

Take your outbound up-selling and cross-selling marketing campaigns to the next level – generate individual call links for existing clients and send them via the company’s SMS gateway.


DigiNovo enables a frictionless journey by connecting your clients to sales reps on any device without additional app downloads. Similarly, your team only needs an internet browser on their machine to use the service.

Data Security

Lead anonymity is respected by default, so your website visitors stay owners of their data. DigiNovo's end-to-end encrypted connection ensures no third party can intercept the calls.

Omnichannel Consultants

Convert your physical consultants to omnichannel consultants to improve their utilization. Group them by teams, expertise, working hours or campaign. Set up smart call routing algorithms to make sure their workload is balanced.

Call Reporting

Track essential call metrics, including call duration, waiting time, customer satisfaction and others. Data is easily exportable in CSV format for analysis. Additional call artifacts, including video recordings (.webm format), chats (.txt format), and files shared, are recorded and stored on the company premises.

Presentation Tools

Create immersive presentations that involve multiple touchpoints. Leverage screen sharing, marketing video streaming and live camera feeds to engage your customers and boost conversions.

CRM Integration

Record video sessions and interactions and link them to account IDs via CRM system integration. Custom specifications are implemented to meet requirements.

Easy to set up and manage

DigiNovo is a cloud-based application, so it requires minimal involvement from your IT specialists. They won't need to install anything on individual machines, and our centralized maintenance and support will keep the service online. DigiNovo is also highly flexible and compatible with your existing hardware, so you won't have to make any additional infrastructure investments.

Getting DigiNovo up and running is done in four simple steps


You provide us the address to host the DigiNovo service together with your brand assets.


We create a DigiNovo environment for your business.


You provide us with your preferred corporate storage location, and we help you set it up.


You set up admin and agent roles, and you’re ready to connect with your customers like never before!

Book a demo today

There are even more tools inside DigiNovo to help your team sell more effectively. Schedule a demo today, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about them.