DigiNovo for Retail

DigiNovo’s remote customer experience solution boosts conversion rates by humanizing the online shopping experience. By employing real-time video, you create next level brand experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.



Build a phygital store

DigiNovo enables you to create a seamless omnichannel experience for your clients, bridging the gap between the physical and digital store. By incorporating real-time video into the online shopping experience, you can offer consumers the benefits of both worlds and create a phygital store that is more engaging and personalized.

Store consultant 2.0

With DigiNovo, your in-store consultants can become multichannel consultants, providing personalized service to clients across multiple channels, including online chat and video. This transformation will improve their utilization and maximize your investment in physical stores and staff.


Curate immersive product presentations

DigiNovo allows you to create immersive product presentations that involve multiple branded assets like static images, marketing video, and real-time demo. By curating these engaging product experiences, you can better turn prospects into conversions, improving engagement and loyalty.

Control the quality of client interactions

Unlike in-person consultations, video calls through DigiNovo are recorded and can be accessed for quality control at all times. Clients receive a satisfaction survey immediately after the session, resulting in higher response rates.


Data security you can rely on

With DigiNovo's end-to-end encryption, all sessions between your employees and clients are fully protected, ensuring that no third party can intercept them. In addition, all call recordings and artifacts, including exchanged documents, are stored only on the bank's secure servers, guaranteeing compliance with data regulations.

Business outcomes

Increased online conversion rates

More upselling opportunities

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved brand loyalty

Easy to set up and manage

DigiNovo is a cloud-based application, so it requires minimal involvement from your IT specialists. They won't need to install anything on individual machines, and our centralized maintenance and support will keep the service online. DigiNovo is also highly flexible and compatible with your existing hardware, so you won't have to make any additional infrastructure investments.

Getting DigiNovo up and running is done in four simple steps


You provide us the address to host the DigiNovo service together with your brand assets.


We create a DigiNovo environment for your business.


You provide us with your preferred corporate storage location, and we help you set it up.


You set up admin and agent roles, and you’re ready to connect with your customers like never before!

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