A1 Bulgaria launches video store powered by DigiNovo

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Ⓒ A1

A1 Bulgaria has announced today the introduction of a new method for purchasing subscription plans and devices – the A1 video store. This innovative service, powered by DigiNovo's video platform, allows customers to connect with the telecom from anywhere and on any device.


The video store is accessible seven days a week, granting customers full access to the complete range of services offered by A1 Bulgaria. With a conveniently placed button on each product or service page, website visitors can instantly connect with a specialist in real-time. With the help of carefully-placed spot cameras and an HD uncompressed video quality, customers can enjoy an experience that closely resembles being inside a physical branch. But with the added convenience of not having to leave the comfort of their home or office. The video feed is one-way, displaying only the consultant, ensuring a secure and non-intrusive user experience for customers.

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