DigiNovo debuts on GITEX 2017

Ⓒ Trud
Ⓒ Trud

DigiNovo, a real-time video platform for communication between businesses and their remote customers, was showcased on the stage of one of the biggest and most renowned technology forums in the world, GITEX in Dubai. The product was selected by the InvestBulgaria Agency and the Ministry of Economy, along with seven other innovative solutions, to represent Bulgaria at the event. Tsvetelina Popova, Sales Manager, explains, 'DigiNovo is a product that enhances the eCommerce experience by enabling retailers to provide the same level of customer service to online customers as they would in a physical store.'

By integrating the solution into their website, retailers offer their leads a one-click connection to an in-store consultant who can provide real-time demonstrations of any product of interest using video, audio, and chat. It allows companies to leverage both their bricks-and-mortar and online stores, creating a new hybrid sales channel. DigiNovo is particularly well-suited for businesses selling products such as consumer electronics, home appliances, and even automobiles. However, it can also find applications in industries selling services, such as banking and telecomunications.

Evgeniy Galabov, Co-founder and CEO of the company, adds, 'The name of the product, DigiNovo, is derived from "Digital Innovation" because we aim to assist retailers from various industries in embracing the power of innovative digital technologies and enhancing their sales processes.'"

Read the full story as published by Trud newspaper (in Bulgarian).

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