Improving Customer Experience in the Digital Age

The digital transformation journey has reshaped the way businesses interact with their customers. In the digital age, a robust customer experience isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential. According to recent statistics, customer-centric brands report profits 60% higher than those who fail to provide exceptional client experience.

At the same, Salesforce research states that 57% of customers prefer engaging via digital channels nowadays. Despite this being well-known by business executives, companies still face significant challenges in offering effective remote customer engagement and support. This article aims to delve into those challenges and examine how solutions like DigiNovo are strategically addressing them.Challenges in Remote Customer Engagement, Sales, and Service

The Pandemic Might Be Gone, But Remote Convenience Stays

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, the convenience of remote shopping remains. The challenge for businesses lies in sustaining the same level of customer engagement and service quality remotely, as was earlier provided in physical locations. People have become accustomed to the immediacy of digital services, and any technological or service glitches could easily steer them to competitors.

Phygital Experiences on the Rise

The term ‘Phygital’ refers to a blend of digital and physical experiences. Consumers now expect a seamless journey where they can switch effortlessly between online and offline channels. The challenge here is in integrating these different channels into a single, coherent customer experience. Failure to do so can result in a fractured customer journey, eroding trust and reducing conversion rates.

Decline in Brand Loyalty, Exacerbated by Inflation

Amidst economic changes like inflation, customers are less likely to stay loyal to a single brand. Price sensitivity is heightened, and people are constantly looking for the best possible experience with the best possible convenience, which makes customer retention especially challenging. Coupled with this, a rise in inflation often leads to more comparative shopping, making the sales process far more competitive.

Personalized Service and Easy Access to Support

Personalization is no longer an added benefit but a requirement. Customers expect businesses to know their preferences and anticipate their needs, making personalization critical to increasing sales and improving service. However, striking the right balance between personalization and privacy is a considerable challenge.

Inefficiency of Physical Purchase and Post-Purchase Support

Many customers now consider in-person presence and waiting times as deterrents in the customer experience journey. The challenge for businesses lies in replicating the trust and personalized service inherent in face-to-face interactions while operating remotely.

By better understanding these challenges, businesses can be more effective in selecting tools and strategies that offer meaningful solutions. This is where platforms like DigiNovo offer an advantage, as they are tailored to solve these very issues.

How DigiNovo is Addressing These Challenges

DigiNovo’s real-time video platform aims to provide a holistic solution to these challenges, specifically tailored for key industries such as banking, telecom, retail, and insurance.

By offering web-based video assistance that requires no downloads, DigiNovo eliminates the need for physical presence and waiting times. This aligns with the prevailing customer preference for convenient, immediate service. The platform enables businesses to immerse clients in interactive conversations during the sales phase, significantly enhancing customer engagement. Furthermore, DigiNovo’s capabilities extend to facilitating effective up-selling and cross-selling by getting to the root of client needs, thereby increasing average order values.

Post-purchase, the platform significantly shortens resolution times for support cases, lowers remote tech team overhead, and provides the opportunity for tracking and improving customer satisfaction, all while reducing the risk of fraud.

When compared to traditional VoIP applications, DigiNovo has several key advantages that make it a more comprehensive solution. It offers direct peer-to-peer encrypted connections for improved security and can be seamlessly integrated into customer touchpoints without the need for extra tooling and app installs. Additional features like smart routing algorithms and easy call transfer options add to the seamlessness of customer interactions, while also allowing for multiple points of contact and supporting the integration of numerous cameras.


Navigating the complexities of remote customer engagement, sales, and service in today’s digital landscape is an immense challenge. However, it’s one that DigiNovo is designed to meet. By understanding and addressing contemporary customer expectations for convenience, personalization, and value, DigiNovo can help your business attract and retain customers. To learn more about our solution, consider booking a demo.